How it Works

Opera Investments

Why investing in real estate

  1. Safety: Nothing is more solid and certain than a real estate investment.
  1. Well-being and solidity in the long term: Long-term investments often make the biggest returns. In the long term, owning property allows you to increase your capital while constantly preserving it.
  2. Leverage effect: Owning real estate allows you to obtain financing and use it as a leverage to acquire another asset.
  1. Tangibility: Unlike the stock market real estate is a tangible asset. You can touch it, you can modify it, you can enlarge it, you can split it up and above all, you can have control of it.
  1. Fiscal benefits: You can enjoy tax benefits and substantial deduction through the purchase of real estate.
  1. Cash flow: Independently from the sale of the asset, the real estate property can generate immediate cash flow through the rental income.
  1. Increase in value: The real estate value always increases over the time. All real estate markets are cyclical. The complete real estate market cycle has a duration between 5 to 12 years. The essential in real estate is not to buy at the peak of the cycle and not to sell at the trough. You have to know when the right moment is and if you don’t know it, wait for it.

Opera Investments is dedicated to select the best opportunities for operators wishing to invest in real estate abroad. Through its branches, assists, and coordinates, the 5 main phases of the development of the project.

Real estate acquisition

Opera deals with the procurement, selection, and acquisition of real estate projects to meet the needs of the investor.

Opera carries out the appraisal, negotiates the purchase price, organizes the inspections, and agrees on the methods of payment.

Design and Development

The Design and Development team can develop the entire architectural project, and also take care of:
– Expediting permits
– Authorizations
– Licenses
– Interaction with the general contractor to check the correspondence of the execution to the design area


The Opera Construction Board is dedicated to control the quality of every step of the process and the right execution of the project.

This step is trusted to specific management that follows the progress of the project.


The Opera Finance Team is responsible for all activities related to:

– Financial planning
– Selection of investment strategies 
– Business development
– Financing
– Selection of possible partners

Exit Strategy

The Opera Sales and Marketing Team creates and coordinates the project exit strategies, from the project sale, income generation, until management of the individual real estate units.

Opera studies and selects the most appropriate international markets for the promotion and sale of the real estate project.